Home Hacks To Organizing Your Bedroom


Bedroom brings peace to our day. It is where we choose to end our day and a place where we keep our most personal belongings. However, keeping our bedrooms tidy is quite a bit of a challenge since we rarely have the time to do it. If you are a person who just comes and goes, chances are your room is filled with so much clutter, clothes, and personal stuff that seem to have no end.

If you’ve been meaning to de-clutter and organize your bedroom, read on to find out some useful hacks. The best thing about these hacks is that they are easy to do and takes just a few minutes of your time.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Clothes in Your Wardrobe

Check your wardrobe and look for clothes you haven’t used for the past few months. These items are probably just a waste of space because it is likely that you will not use them in the future. It is high time that you eliminate them. What you can do is to donate them so that others who are less fortunate could enjoy them.  

After you’ve sorted the clothes, organize the remaining pieces of clothing inside your bedroom. You can decide to sort them by color, by fabric, or by the occasion to which they are suited. You can leave some clothes folded, and others hanged. Keep seasonal garments away from your regular day-to-day apparel. That way, they will not get mixed when you try and dig randomly form some shirts.

The bottom line is, keep things neat at all times so you won’t have to go through everything again.

Use Dividers or Small Boxes

Storage boxes or dividers will keep things in place. It will be so much easier to find and put things back in order if they have a designated spot. You can easily find such items in your local mart or house supplies shop.

Keep Laundry To A Minimum

Use a discreet and small laundry hamper or clothes bag to store your dirty clothes. Keep it to a minimum by regularly washing your clothes. As much as possible, try to stick to a regular washing schedule.

Laundry buildup adds clutter, which could give you stress in the long run, and you don’t want that.

Utilize Extra Space as Storage Areas

Whether you have a big or small room, you should always strive to maximize the space within. Several areas of your room would be great as storage areas, aside from drawers and closets. One area that is mostly overlooked and left unutilized is the space under your bed. This space is perfect to keep away non-essential stuff which you don’t use frequently.

The headboard is also an excellent small space where you can put trinkets or decoration pieces to accentuate your room.

Meanwhile, for the footboard, you can place storage boxes where you can keep old magazines, books, or files that you want to be hidden somewhere.

It is also wise to utilize your wall space. Put your books and items that you don’t always use in this space by installing DIY shelves. Lastly, use a hanging rack for things that you consider essential, such as jackets and bags.