Choosing the finest bathroom linens


Does your bathroom evoke the same “fresh and bright” vibe that you equate with spring? It should! If it gives off a dreary and dark feel that’s equated with winter, then an overhaul is in order.

No need to fret! Giving your bathroom its much-deserved spring transformation will not take much of your time nor break your bank.

With just a few bucks and a little of your time, you’ll have your dainty and pristine fit-for spring bathroom.

Tone Down Hard Lines

An easy and low-cost way to add a hint of calm to your bathroom is to swap your bathroom linens with something that has a softer touch. Consider buying new ones that are softer, more durable, and absorbs better. Make sure your new linens blend well with the color and design you intend for your new bathroom.

Egyptian cotton or those made of cotton rayon blend are your best choice, but keep in mind that softer linens also get worn out easily.  Regardless, replacing your linens yearly is a refreshing task to look forward to. 

Choose colors for your bathroom linens

The most popular colors for living and outdoor spaces this year include blush, warm neutrals, and jewel tones.

Pick out a statement piece

Every room necessitates a statement piece along with some accessories to reconcile the ambiance and color that you want for your bathroom. A new photo or a stylish mirror can easily transform your bathroom. Choose pieces that will lend to the general feel that you want to achieve, and make sure not to overdo it.

Buy a new shower curtain

Getting a new shower curtain changes your bathroom’s ambiance in an instant. Buy it in pair so you can part it in the middle. Choose curtains with texture to balance out the smooth and shiny surfaces. You may also want to try curved curtains for added softness and space.

Spruce up your shower curtain

 An upgraded curtain hook can simplify the chore of changing your shower curtains. Aa double-sided one has a hook on the front and the back so you won’t need to take down both the liner and curtain to get one.

Aside from linens and curtains, you may also want to upgrade your wall decors or even change your tub to add that flair of spring to your bathroom.